Friday, 30 March 2012

Nuovo Spa

Been to Nuovo Spa recently. The spa is located at the 9F of Torre Venezia located along Timog in Quezon City. The place is ok, quiet and not so small. Interior design reminds me of Bangkok or Cambodia with wood carvings and Buddha-like figures in corners. The place has separate areas for male and female. They only have two shower rooms and one comfort room in the female area. They also have a dry sauna, which, to my frustration is not working. The attendant said that the sauna in the female section takes time to heat up. At first I said it was ok since I would still need to shower. I thought maybe after my shower the sauna would be ready. But it did not. I tried sitting there for 5 minutes and no heat at all. It's like sitting on a bench in a park with a wrapped body towel. So, I just got out of it and proceeded to my massage room. I really don't like massage beds with curtains. When I first inquired at Nuovo if they have individual rooms or beds with curtains, I clearly recalled that the lady attendant answered me they have rooms. Only to find out that, yes, they have rooms but with 5-6 beds inside with curtains as divider. Good thing there were only few of us that day. Massage is ok. I only opted for Swedish. The oil used is similar to virgin coconut oil with tamed scent. Nuovo Spa is quite expensive. An hour of massage costs Php600 to a thousand. There's nothing special about the spa except that it's quite clean (maybe because it had just opened when I got there) and quiet. I like their towels which, I think, is quite expensive because it's thick, fluffy and soft (or maybe I got a new one that day). Nuovo Spa opens daily at around 10am - 2am.


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